Food for thought.

If you aren’t already a documentary junkie, there’s no time like the present to get into them! Documentaries are a great snapshot of current events, history, psychology, and almost any other topic you can think of. No matter the subject matter, the idea is the same–to give the viewer a nonfiction film that instructs or educates, though directors and producers can have varying takes on how they show you this information. just published “a field guide to 2017’s diverse slate of Oscar-nominated documentaries.

We encourage you to check out any kind of documentary to get your feet wet, but if you’re a docu-veteran (or a new to the scene and game to dive in head first) and looking for something fresh to challenge your perspective, these titles are worth it. The list includes: Life, Animated; 13th; Fire at Sea; O.J.: Made in America; and I Am Not Your Negro.

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