Ever been called a bitch? Not because you’re Regina George, but because you have a brain that forms ideas and a mouth to speak them? Been called crazy? Not because you’re on the verge of sticking your head in an oven, but because you have emotions that change depending on what mood you’re in like a human being and not a robot? Women are often stuck in a tug-of-war being “too much” or “too little.” It’s an impossible conundrum we’ve been straining against for decades. The struggle is real.

So fuck it. Smash Up Magazine is here for the women who “think too much,” think it out loud, don’t shrink from difficulty, and have tangled with reality. Come here for intelligent, reflective perspectives on pop culture, current events, media, and more. If you’re looking for essays about the time someone learned the true meaning of beauty when they went a day without eye-shadow, or top 10 listicles like “Reasons to Dump Him,” 1) that’s sad because you’re not creative enough to come up with your own ideas, and 2) there are hundreds of those sites to chose from, so go to them and not this one.

But if you do stay, we have some expectation: glean some info and share what you know!

Now GO!