From left to right.

Amara Hartman ♥ is an ideas woman and a champion homebody. That may sound like an oxymoron, but she gets more done between 6-11AM than most people do all day. Then, if it’s the weekend, she takes a nap at 2 and drinks wine at 4. However, if it’s a weekday, she’s wishing she could take a nap at her desk at her office day job. She spits all the blog posting fire. Also the Instagram and Twitter.

Mo Fink ♥ is a firm believer that better access to cotton candy and dog parks would make the world a happier place. When she’s not sucking up to strangers (aka serving tables), she’s taking classes for nursing school, doing yoga, or dreaming about making pottery again. She is the intrepid interviewer and intense blue eyes haver.

Katie Eckhardt ♥ is an urban-dwelling, low-income, service industry worker who finds time to write, eat donuts, and carry on conversations about herself. Occasionally, if not always, you’ll find her with a serious look and a sarcastic comment. She currently lives in northeast Minneapolis with her books and four plants. She is also an intrepid interviewer and a writer who is not jaded.

Lindsey Miller ♥ is a passionate knitter who grew up pitching hay and shoveling manure on her family’s dairy farm in southern Minnesota. Now, she lives here in Minneapolis. What a wild ride. Her free time is spent knitting, dancing, and shopping at Penzey’s spice store. She’s the photographer with a fancy camera only she knows how to operate.

Started from the bottom now we’re here*… still at the bottom. Like, at Home Depot buying a ladder. But it’d still be great to hear from you! Hit us with questions, comments, submissions, or an unquenchable desire to join the team at

*Broad City style, not Drake style.

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