Good Friday

  • CO-parenting at its finest. This warms my heart. It’s way too easy to get embroiled in broken families. Nice to see this one coming together!
Image via Reddit.

“I’m going to help the homeless,” said Silkia, 9, a third grader. “I’m going to get mad money, and I’m going to ask them if they want a shelter.”

Luz, 13, who is originally from the Bronx and attends seventh grade in Brooklyn, chimed in. “Or I could just switch up your idea,” she added. “You’re going to work and have mad money. Then you’re going to build a shelter for the homeless people.”

Image via The New York Times.


  • Spring is upon us! 🌱 And, cranking open the windows after a long winter reminds me of how I’ve been trapped in a cesspool for months. One of the projects on my list is cleaning out my freezer. Apartment Therapy has some tricks for how to tackle it in 20 minutes!
  • Look at this little dog leading a horse! Where would we be without animals? Nowhere, I swear. Seen on Tastefully Offensive.

Good Friday

  • A messenger of peace is just what we need right now. (And always.) “Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai has been named the youngest ever UN Messenger of Peace, with a special focus on girls’ education.”


  • If you’re a fan of Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products and have thought to yourself while washing your hands or scrubbing the sink, “I wish I could smell like a frond of rosemary…” Now you can! Mrs. Meyer’s added a line of body wash and soap, and there’s hand lotion somewhere on there.
  • Should You Be Laughing at This? is by an Icelandic humorist who draws stick figures with twisted mirth. It’s irreverent, but as Amazon says, “Of course, Iceland is a country whose national drink is called ‘Black Death,’ national dish is putrefied shark meat, and national literacy rate is 99.9%. That may give you a small idea of the dark but brilliant mind behind the shamefully addicting cartoons in this book.”

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  • Saw this a while ago, and it’s probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen on the internet besides cats. I’m a fan of Run the Jewels and at one point they made a video for Rookie Magazine called “Ask a Grown Man,” answering questions from young girls about dating and self-confidence. I wish Killer Mike was my dad and El-P was my brother. ♥


Good Friday!

Plants make people happy. The Sill delivers low-light flora to your door! And don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb. The Sill says, “It’s our mission to be your dedicated source for indoor plants. You can shop, learn, or work hand-in-hand with a dedicated Plant Specialist on a plant design and maintenance program.”

Image via DIY Network.

• Good sleep is a valuable but often rare necessity! Here are some smart things to do before you hit the hay to help lessen distraction, calm your nerves, and send you off into a restorative night of snoring and dreaming. (Unless you’re like me and have insane dreams that cause you to question reality and wake up relieved none of it was real. But that still means I slept well.)

Johanne Rahaman is documenting Florida’s black communities through candid and vibrant photography. Black Florida “reinterprets marginalized communities from the inside, through the stories of the residents, and offers an alternate concept of abundance, home, and community.”

Image by Johanne Rahaman via

The song is dumb, but the dancing is lit. If only we could all cut loose like this man. I mean, we can, but how many of us do?


Cute and true.



Good Friday

One week later…

Here’s your end of the week dose of good news! All these are from my various “save for later” tabs and bookmarks. Not all are recent, just stumbled upon. As I mentioned before, there’s no grander purpose here except to add a dash of sunshine, humor, or info to your day instead of more wild news headlines that make you want to dig a hole and live in it and never come out.

Simple Rules for Healthy Eating from the New York Times. Good food habits give your body chemistry the energy it needs to keep motoring through the day. We’ve all heard this by this point, but once you start incorporating them (more water, or fresh vegetables and fruit), you’ll start to crave them. Give your body what it needs!

Image via the New York Times.

There Is No Word In The English Language For This Gorgeous Color at Dwell on it! It’s lovely! Paint a room with it. Print it out and stare at it at work. We’re more affected by these things that most of us notice.

It’s a hedgehog, and I want it.

Giving Power to Women in Ghana. Nothing better than uplifting a community by showing them how they can grow with new, profitable skills!

Image via NPR.

It’s a girl! Hoda Kotb announces she’s adopted a baby. Love this as it’s a woman going out to get what she wants, like, a baby. I also like that she kept it under wraps, and it wasn’t some giant publicity stunt. And I might steal this name and reason for my own future baby 💕:

“Hoda [explained] that she picked her daughter’s name after Halley’s comet, which can be seen from Earth once every seven decades. ‘It was one of those things. I just picture her sailing through the sky,’ she said.”
Hoda and Haley Joy. Image via

Good news!

I decided to start a little corner of good news stories. I just read one from my local news station and was like, “Duh! Add that to Smash Up!” Not that I’m usually looking to depress you, lol. But this will be a concentrated feed of uplifting/fun news curated a few times a week and rounded up at the end of each week. There won’t be a lot of political or social commentary related content–I’ll save that for the essays. These are just meant to be briefly refreshing. 😀

Here are a couple I read this morning to kick it off!