Hey,  people. Apologies for the absence. A couple things are going on, one affected by the other. A few weeks ago I decided to try to streamline the content here so we can give you even stronger, kick ass quality. I have plans to gather the team and contributors to really knuckle down and spruce things up. In the meantime, my grandpa died. So, where I planned to start tweaking and ferreting around, this time has turned into a reflective, quiet pocket. 

I’m still out here, just  thinking about things, waiting, giving myself space. I wanted to give viewers and followers a heads up because your support and interest is valuable to me, we’re all in this wacky life together, and you’re owed an update.

We’ll be back soon! 




Hello out there! I hope you’re all enjoying this spring weather! The sun is finally shining for longer than two hours here in Minneapolis, so I’m pretty happy. We’ve also got some new stuff around here to make you happy, as well. Check it out!Β β˜€οΈ

  • Nonprofit workΒ has shed its image of just glorified volunteerism. And, it’s a popular career choice for women. Our feature article looks at the valuable work nonprofits do and how women can contribute to their community.
  • Little Dragon drops savvy disco-electronic sound with their latest album, Season High. Read a review written by our new guest writer Casey Holmstrom.
  • Love is real, but people are hard. Our relationship writer Katie Eckhardt wants to talk with you about it. Send your dating questions or thoughts to info@smashupmagazine.com, and we’ll publish a Q & A. You can remain anonymous.


Wakey, wakey! We’ve gotΒ some new items of interest for you!

  • A new excursion down the rabbit hole with a two-part interview about the good and the not-so-good in ourselves.
  • Are you dream happy (think, trigger happy)? Our culture tells us relationships will make us happy, but that’s obviously not always true.
  • A review of the horror movie XX. It’s a unique and thought-provoking anthology that puts a new twist on what’s really scary.



Got a few updates for you!



  • Smash Up’s first giveaway is up and running! Read the rules and see what goodies are up for grabs here! You have until 11PM tomorrow (Tuesday, March 14) to finish. Good luck! DONE! A random Instgrammer won! 🌟
  • Also check out a new addition to the Body Shop section called Physical, where I hope to continue adding stories, personal narratives, and advice on mental and physical health from as many perspectives as I can get! The first article is from Charity Lynette, with running insight and tips that treat your body well.


More updates today!

  • A new section has been added called Superfan, for all our nerds at heart.
  • New “questions with men,” added in aΒ revamped section called XY.
  • Freshened upΒ Rabbit Hole.
  • Added a personal essay from a reader about trusting your gut!

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the coming week!