Smash Up Magazine is a young, Minneapolis-based online women’s magazine with a focus on female empowerment and feminism. We seek to elevate the level of expected content for women by providing intellectually stimulating, unique, and creative perspectives. Our tone encompasses activism, social awareness, and humanitarianism.

We’re looking for women living all the varying shades of life (of color, queer, straight, religious, any or all in between, etc.) to contribute to the following categories:

Media reviews or commentary

  • Music
  • Film/TV
  • Podcasts

Ongoing, local stories from your city with women involved in or leading community-oriented projects

  • Art
  • Small business
  • Volunteer
  • Politics


  • Thoughtfulness. Smash Up steers clear of bashing. If there’s something to confront, try to do it constructively.
  • Legal stuff. Please don’t submit anything you’ve had published elsewhere, and use appropriate credit in text and photos, or ask permission for use.

Ages 18 and above welcome.
Word count: 500 word minimum.

Send submissions to: Out-of-state submissions accepted.