Good Friday

  • CO-parenting at its finest. This warms my heart. It’s way too easy to get embroiled in broken families. Nice to see this one coming together!
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“I’m going to help the homeless,” said Silkia, 9, a third grader. “I’m going to get mad money, and I’m going to ask them if they want a shelter.”

Luz, 13, who is originally from the Bronx and attends seventh grade in Brooklyn, chimed in. “Or I could just switch up your idea,” she added. “You’re going to work and have mad money. Then you’re going to build a shelter for the homeless people.”

Image via The New York Times.


  • Spring is upon us! 🌱 And, cranking open the windows after a long winter reminds me of how I’ve been trapped in a cesspool for months. One of the projects on my list is cleaning out my freezer. Apartment Therapy has some tricks for how to tackle it in 20 minutes!
  • Look at this little dog leading a horse! Where would we be without animals? Nowhere, I swear. Seen on Tastefully Offensive.

Good Friday

  • A messenger of peace is just what we need right now. (And always.) “Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai has been named the youngest ever UN Messenger of Peace, with a special focus on girls’ education.”


  • If you’re a fan of Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products and have thought to yourself while washing your hands or scrubbing the sink, “I wish I could smell like a frond of rosemary…” Now you can! Mrs. Meyer’s added a line of body wash and soap, and there’s hand lotion somewhere on there.
  • Should You Be Laughing at This? is by an Icelandic humorist who draws stick figures with twisted mirth. It’s irreverent, but as Amazon says, “Of course, Iceland is a country whose national drink is called ‘Black Death,’ national dish is putrefied shark meat, and national literacy rate is 99.9%. That may give you a small idea of the dark but brilliant mind behind the shamefully addicting cartoons in this book.”

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  • Saw this a while ago, and it’s probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen on the internet besides cats. I’m a fan of Run the Jewels and at one point they made a video for Rookie Magazine called “Ask a Grown Man,” answering questions from young girls about dating and self-confidence. I wish Killer Mike was my dad and El-P was my brother. ♥


We make life scary.

Women are often praised for their emotional complexity. We keep a lot of balls in the air, seemingly effortlessly moving from work to friends to family. It’s a double-edged sword. Tending to multiple needs at once can be a strength. It’s gratifying to feel accomplished and can benefit others. But when we overlook our own needs, we suffer. We’re stretched too thin, taken for granted, neglected.

The horror anthology XX illustrates what happens when women are in the latter. Four short films show women who have lost their power in dynamics like motherhood, friends, and family. Even if you haven’t directly experienced these, you’ve probably been affected by the aftermath. The stealth of secrecy can steal your identity and strength.

Each was written and/or directed by a woman–Roxanne Benjamin, Sofia Carrillo, Karyn Kusama, Annie Clark (St. Vincent), and Jovanka Vuckovic. The styles are distinct, as different as women themselves.

Sofia Carrillo, Annie Clark, Roxanne Benjamin, Jovanka Vuckovic
Image via the Toronto Star.

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Fed off Ladytron all day.

Get your electronic fix for the rest of the week from this female duo (and two other guys, but whatever 😉 ).


Sending up a Friday PSA about this fabulous new singer, Vagabon (no “d”–not the British band Google would have you believe). She was recently featured on NPR’s First Listen for her upcoming second album, Infinite Worlds. Only her first album, Persian Garden, is available on Spotify, currently. As shitty as Spotify is for independent artists, I’m plugging it here because you have to hear it right away, somehow. If you can get your hands on her actual album or support her live, that would be ideal! You can also listen on her Band Camp page.

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Vagabon (Laetitia Tamko) is a multi-instrumentalist and plays most, if not all, of her own music. Her sound carries hints of classic 90s grunge mood with intense guitar and raspy vocals a la Feist or Cat Power–that languid, but raw yearning that rests on top of the instrumentation. But Laetitia uses the sound wisely. It’s gently interspersed throughout the songs like punctuation to her introspective lyrics. Listening to Persian Garden, I imagined myself on a long car ride, staring out the window at the passing scenery. The enclosed space giving time to dwell in all the emotions around my various memories.

From Persian Garden, Sharks:

“I am so small.
My feet can barely touch the floor
on the bus where everybody’s tall.
I surrender myself.
Run and tell everybody that Laetitia is a small fish.
I’m just a small fish.”