Good Friday

I’m baacckk! And what better day than today to be here? 1) It’s gorgeous outside ☀️, and 2) the leader of the free world just keeps giving us reasons to regret being cognizant. But since we can’t do anything about that, for at least one day, let’s just pretend he doesn’t exist and focus on some goodness! There’s plenty of it.

  • BECK. His tour is stopping in Minneapolis August 17 for the first time in 9 years! Of course I went ham on Etix and refreshed for a half hour until 10AM in case anything happened without me knowing and snagged tickets. And that just reminded me of this homage he orchestrated, covering David Bowie’s Sound and Vision. It fills my soul with joy, literally, almost to tears. The menagerie of vocalists and instrumentalists is too much. Swelling, hopeful, joyful.
Image via NPR.

Anu and her family were followed by the BBC as it reported on funding for kids who need prosthetic limbs to pursue sports. NPR reports, “The National Health Service got a grant of some $2 million for that effort after last summer’s Paralympics, but the money was split between research efforts and the “active limbs” program, and further funding is in doubt.” To find out more or donate here in the U.S., check out Limbs for Life.

  • For some of you, this won’t mean squat because you were ahead of the game. For us here in Minnesota? FINALLY. Our Sunday liquor ban has been lifted, and I look forward to being able to buy whatever my heart desires whenever I want to all day Sunday.
  • So, when’s the premiere of Wonder Cat? 😹








Good Friday!

Plants make people happy. The Sill delivers low-light flora to your door! And don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb. The Sill says, “It’s our mission to be your dedicated source for indoor plants. You can shop, learn, or work hand-in-hand with a dedicated Plant Specialist on a plant design and maintenance program.”

Image via DIY Network.

• Good sleep is a valuable but often rare necessity! Here are some smart things to do before you hit the hay to help lessen distraction, calm your nerves, and send you off into a restorative night of snoring and dreaming. (Unless you’re like me and have insane dreams that cause you to question reality and wake up relieved none of it was real. But that still means I slept well.)

Johanne Rahaman is documenting Florida’s black communities through candid and vibrant photography. Black Florida “reinterprets marginalized communities from the inside, through the stories of the residents, and offers an alternate concept of abundance, home, and community.”

Image by Johanne Rahaman via

The song is dumb, but the dancing is lit. If only we could all cut loose like this man. I mean, we can, but how many of us do?


Cute and true.