Shannen Moser

Oh, My Heart

Written by Casey Holmstrom

Shannen Moser, Music, Philly, Musician, DIY
Shannen Moser. Oh, My Heart image via Bandcamp.

“Oh, My Heart” is the third album from Philly’s DIY scene’s Shannen Moser. It injects something vital into the listener, like nutrients to a healthy garden. The vibe holds a blend of the Dixie Chicks’ banjo storytelling and harmonizing and a more mature version of Girlpool’s innocent emotional tolls of growing older. Girlpool also plays in the same Philadelphia circles as Moser. “Oh, My Heart” sings to the heart of spring and the melt of winter.

The opening track, “I’m Going Home (Sacred Heart),” is a lilting intro with an almost gospel-sounding timbre. As the dust settles, “Alex (282)” sets you on solid ground. Moser inflicts her audience with a voice similar to Marissa Paternoster of the Screaming Females.

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Hello out there! I hope you’re all enjoying this spring weather! The sun is finally shining for longer than two hours here in Minneapolis, so I’m pretty happy. We’ve also got some new stuff around here to make you happy, as well. Check it out! ☀️

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Sayonara sucker.

Bill O’Reilly is OUT after two decades at the top of FOX News.

It’s about time some evil stopped triumphing around here for God’s sake. This won’t stop him from running his mouth elsewhere, but at least his most lucrative platform has been whisked away from him. I hope this causes him to take a long hard look at his pathetic excuse for a life and livelihood. I mean, it probably won’t, but hope got us this far.

Boy, bye.


Good news!

I decided to start a little corner of good news stories. I just read one from my local news station and was like, “Duh! Add that to Smash Up!” Not that I’m usually looking to depress you, lol. But this will be a concentrated feed of uplifting/fun news curated a few times a week and rounded up at the end of each week. There won’t be a lot of political or social commentary related content–I’ll save that for the essays. These are just meant to be briefly refreshing. 😀

Here are a couple I read this morning to kick it off!



  • Smash Up’s first giveaway is up and running! Read the rules and see what goodies are up for grabs here! You have until 11PM tomorrow (Tuesday, March 14) to finish. Good luck! DONE! A random Instgrammer won! 🌟
  • Also check out a new addition to the Body Shop section called Physical, where I hope to continue adding stories, personal narratives, and advice on mental and physical health from as many perspectives as I can get! The first article is from Charity Lynette, with running insight and tips that treat your body well.

Education is key.


Birth Control Is Working Better – Or At Least, It’s Failing Less

But sadly…

“The analysis did find disparities in the effectiveness of contraceptives for some groups of women. African American and Latina women had higher contraceptive failure rates compared with white women, and low-income women had a higher rate of failure than those earning at least 200 percent above the federal poverty level. The study did not adjust for poverty when assessing racial and ethnic disparities, but noted that poverty is likely a factor.”

Image via ringcat @ Etsy.

“She says low-income patients in particular may struggle to get consistent reproductive health care because of lack of insurance, access to healthcare providers, or other barriers. ‘Their childcare falls through; they can’t come to the appointment. The bus is late. They missed their appointment because their mom got sick and they have to go to the hospital with their mom,’ Findley says. ‘There’s so many different reasons why my patients have a hard time accessing the healthcare they need and deserve.'”

I did a quick Google search and besides an article at The Feminist Majority, I honestly couldn’t any other grassroots organizations that promote awareness about women’s reproductive health. That are quite a few that get menstrual supplies to certain communities, but not necessarily ones that also instruct about reproductive healthcare. If you know of any, tell us!