So, guess what? Change isn’t easy. In this third wave of feminism, a fresh generation is having conversations with each other that tackle the disparities between genders. It can bring up both uncomfortable and shared truths that color our romantic, friend, and family relationships. The oxymoronic nature of being different yet the same is often a roadblock to listening–misunderstanding is the easy distortion of understanding. Strangely, we all want to be heard, but when demanding that need, we can become the thing we oppose and squelch others’ voices. (And let’s be honest, until cats become functioning members of society, men and women are stuck with each other.)

Without the genius of Bjork, this image would not have been possible.

XY seeks to give some of the men we interact with daily a place to explain how they interpret feminism. Our sampling represents any of the socio-economic, religious, sexual, and lifestyle backgrounds men could be coming to the table with in the gender roles conversation. Hopefully, this serves to move the conversation a little farther away from who is “better” or “worse” or “right” or “wrong,” and toward our shared goals. Women will also eventually add their voices in an another section, answering similar questions about men.

Interviews were done either via email or in person. They’ve all been edited lightly for length and clarity, but left untouched subject-wise to give the fairest representation.

  • Ali- 28, Muslim, Saudi Arabian, lives in St. Paul, MN.
    • Part 1 – Engagement & wives
    • Part 2 – Dating, hijab, rape, & sisters.
    • Part 3 – Feminism, birth control & abortion.
  • Josiah – 25, Christian, server and bartender in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Chris – 35, Presbyterian, gay, graphic designer.
  • Anonymous – 29, married and father of one toddler son.